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Dear members of Tumblr…

This isn’t very recent, but it is a needed post…

Ask blogs being here for your entertainment is still as limited as a regular person entertaining you is.

We did not create the ask blogs for the purpose of stopping our regular lives to suit your every need. We did not make ask blogs because we had all the time in the world to do so.

We are still people, with real life problems and feelings.

With this said, We did make the ask blogs and need our followers to send asks. The truth is though, I would rather have 5 followers Who send asks and recognize that we might be busy or don’t feel like answering then. Rather than 300 followers who want you to do everything then and there.

We do not have to spend our time doing this. 

We do not have to answer your ask.

We do not have to give you anything.

We control this blog, whether you like how we run it or not.

This goes for Cosplay, Art, or any blog that has ever been made. We have never signed a contract to say we had to, we don’t get paid to do this, this is just what we do.

This also ties in with communications with other ask blogs. If a character from another blog kisses or bullies or what have you to another askblog via ask or something that the mun answered in general, don’t hate the other mun for doing it. It was allowed to be posted by one who answered.

We have our own ships, morals, boundaries, flaws, triggers, and attitudes.

If you don’t like it, you are not at all obligated to follow someone. Go ahead and leave.

So, if you are one of the people who don’t understand boundries, you can take your offensive or triggering M!As and Asks and REEVALUATE YOUR FUCKING LIFE!

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    I wouldn’t know, since half of my asks ask me if I can get naked so I ignore them anyways…Oh god I wish this wasn’t...
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